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Natalie Macellaio grew up in the Chicago area and moved to Texas to receive her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. She is the Professor of Sculpture at Brookhaven Community College in Dallas, TX.

Her work has been featured at "500x Gallery" in Dallas, TX, "HUB by Artisan" in Barcelona Spain, and "Accident Gallery" in Euerka, CA.

Natalie is co-creator of “The Mother Load Project” with Lesli Roberston. This collaboration is an on-going, international project that was exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art in fall 2014 and in Dundee, Scotland in February 2016.

Natalie currently resides in Plano, Texas with her husband and their twin children.

Artist Statement

My work marries a functional, aesthetic, and conceptual approach to metal. She works with concepts of adornment to create works that use the body to engage in conversations that draw directly from her personal life.

“I was trained as a jeweler years ago, which brought me to understand the intricacies of creating work that is personal to each person wearing it and expresses parts of their life. The choice to work with precious metals has been because of their inherent strengths and weaknesses. I value silver, both for its culturally relevant quality and for its beauty. I employ copper for its strength and abundance. I am, after all, interested in creating something beautiful and desirable.

As I continue to explore these personal narratives through these metals, themes that relate to my life as a mother begin to come through. My initial interest in small, intimate works, is finding a new source of expression that allows me to create intimate pieces that explore the relationships I have to my children.”

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